Friday, December 16, 2011

Destroying Ourselves

We destroy ourselves...
When our actions lack purpose.
When our motives are not clear.
When we live in denial.
When we can't appreciate what we have.
When we live to please others.
When we live to hate others.
When we look for help from those who can't help themselves.
When we fail to listen.
When we fail to forgive.
When we mistake freedom with liberty.
When we don't appreciate others.
When we deny ourselves the truth.
When we deceive.When we don't forgive.
When we take from others what is not ours to take.
When we drift away from God.
When we let pain dictate our actions.
When we let our actions become irreparable mistakes.
When we let mistakes become the rest of our lives.

Of course, destroying ourselves is not evident to us,until we have destroyed those around us.
So why do we destroy ourselves?

Many times, it is simple enough as asking ourselves that same question.

Why am I destroying myself?

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Nature of Human

The true nature of our character is almost never known, almost.
We are comfortable with those who make us feel comfortable, sounds like such a familiar phrase.
Of course we react adversely to those who are adverse to us.

The true nature of our character is divided between those people who can tolerate our own character because they have no real choice to adversely react to our own; and those people who can't tolerate our own character but DO have a choice to adversely react to it.

I have observed this and not surprisingly have made the connection between words like:
- Familiar
- Social
- Adequate
- Appropriate
- Respect
- Space
- Friendly
- Open
And a whole lot of other words that simply continue to conceal the true nature of our character.
Here is my ridiculous proposition:
We firmly deny greed, ambitions, fantasies, lies, low self esteem, high self esteem, fears, panic, anger, pain and many other things that are just equal parts of our character and parallel those perceived positive traits.

Maslow knew this long ago; and it is true how by trying to cover one need by ignoring other needs simply makes for a person that is out of balance with their true nature, the composition of both natures, the good and the bad.

Next time I will spend more time looking into my own motives instead of trying to find the motives of others.