Friday, June 01, 2012

HI !

What makes people choose the opposite of honor?
What could possibly justify dishonor as a positive trait?
It seems as if the world has shifted to change the meaning of the word.
Blaming others for your actions is not honorable.
Purposely deceiving others may gain some apparent honor, but at what cost?

Do people even know what it means?
I observe more and more and it seems that there is no understanding of its meaning.

Why do I try? Is all I do, try, to keep these two words in mind?

1st - There is no honor in lies; therefore I will try to be truthful.
2nd - There is no integrity in believing that we are exempt from making mistakes, therefore I will try to not repeat those.

But, what about everyone else around us?
Should their lack of honor and integrity affect us?
My answer is:

Try Courage.

If you don't have courage, you will know neither honor nor integrity.
It is courage that will bring you closer to honor and integrity.

What are we if we don't have the courage to believe in ourselves as we are?

Then we can never see the courage in others, because we don't know it ourselves, it becomes foreign to us and we CHOOSE to live without honor and integrity for those reasons.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Liestyle

Living the Liestyle is nothing more than to lie until you die.
The Liestyle is part of keeping up an appearance contrary to reality.
The Liestyle lies in all the relationships, it continues to grow and fill space
like a toxic gas does. It pins down most of our life, until of course like any gas,
it dissipates and all that it leaves behind is emptiness.

Fill the void with the reality, the truth that exists both inside and out of ourselves,
but that we often are ashamed of and replace with the Liestyle.
Let us not be consumed by false pretense and untruthful passions
when those all cycle back to its beginning state, emptiness.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Pei Wei Lunch

To Pei Wei:
Let the grills and woks warm up.
The parking lot be picked up.
The ice refilled and
the brews chilled.

When it's Friday,
very little brings joy,l
ike all those yummy foods we enjoy.


Monday, February 06, 2012


I am part of a problem for which I am also part of the solution. Therefore, I am not the entire problem and I am not the entire solution.If the solution calls it a problem, then the problem is the solution.

The origin of a problem is the end of a solution. Solutions start new problems and problems end old solutions.

It does not begin, it does not end. It transforms and therefore everything is. Everything is, it was, and, it will be. Everything is always everywhere.

It has lived, and, it does not live, because it will live. Did you catch it? There it was, now is gone, is going somewhere. How will it live when does not live now? Well, NOW is not anymore, it only WAS, and, it WILL only be. NOW is not, it WAS yesterday, because it WILL be tomorrow.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Destroying Ourselves

We destroy ourselves...
When our actions lack purpose.
When our motives are not clear.
When we live in denial.
When we can't appreciate what we have.
When we live to please others.
When we live to hate others.
When we look for help from those who can't help themselves.
When we fail to listen.
When we fail to forgive.
When we mistake freedom with liberty.
When we don't appreciate others.
When we deny ourselves the truth.
When we deceive.When we don't forgive.
When we take from others what is not ours to take.
When we drift away from God.
When we let pain dictate our actions.
When we let our actions become irreparable mistakes.
When we let mistakes become the rest of our lives.

Of course, destroying ourselves is not evident to us,until we have destroyed those around us.
So why do we destroy ourselves?

Many times, it is simple enough as asking ourselves that same question.

Why am I destroying myself?

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Nature of Human

The true nature of our character is almost never known, almost.
We are comfortable with those who make us feel comfortable, sounds like such a familiar phrase.
Of course we react adversely to those who are adverse to us.

The true nature of our character is divided between those people who can tolerate our own character because they have no real choice to adversely react to our own; and those people who can't tolerate our own character but DO have a choice to adversely react to it.

I have observed this and not surprisingly have made the connection between words like:
- Familiar
- Social
- Adequate
- Appropriate
- Respect
- Space
- Friendly
- Open
And a whole lot of other words that simply continue to conceal the true nature of our character.
Here is my ridiculous proposition:
We firmly deny greed, ambitions, fantasies, lies, low self esteem, high self esteem, fears, panic, anger, pain and many other things that are just equal parts of our character and parallel those perceived positive traits.

Maslow knew this long ago; and it is true how by trying to cover one need by ignoring other needs simply makes for a person that is out of balance with their true nature, the composition of both natures, the good and the bad.

Next time I will spend more time looking into my own motives instead of trying to find the motives of others.

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Other F. U.

Such a difficult thing to do.
How did those who were able to achieve it do it?
How do we forgive ourselves first?
And if we think that we have, how do we know when we have?

Forgiving others, an even more difficult thing to do.
What about those who never forgive us but instead forget us?
Is it easier to forget than forgive?
How do we know when we have forgiven and not simply forgotten?

Then I look at children...

They don't hold a grudge, they don't worry, they trust and they love.
Why do we forget to be children?
Do children even know what forgiveness and forgetfulness are?
They trust and they love.

Then I look at us, adults...

We make claims of being driven by love, by hate, by feelings, by passion, by our children, by god, religion, trust, money, people....

And the list goes on and on, and when you tire of the list, you can always start a new one of opposite meaning or direction to the previous one.

But if we lived like children, what would happen?
Would we have to submit to someone who does not?
But, don't we do that already? Always submitting to someone or something.
So it seems that we all are children at some point.
We are still innocent, submitted to someone or something and still dreaming of a better life, if not pursuing one...

However, the issue remains...

Can we really forgive or forget?

I think we can.
Is not impossible but it is very difficult.
Let's keep on trying.