Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Many Years Ahead...

Many years remain ahead and that is a fact. Time will continue to do what it does best, going forward.

Time will be here much longer than I will. My time is not the time.

My time is limited, it is precious and it is mine for as long as I live.

I live my life in this time and my time in in this life.

The circumstances or reasons for my existence do not matter to me, they never did. I can only give meaning to my life by the time that I spend living.

I don't live for this world, the world does not live for me, I am a part of humanity just like everyone else around me, with our pretensions, defects, virtues and sense of what life is all about.

One day there will be complete peace, when that day comes it will be because I will become time.


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