Thursday, September 01, 2011


How to destroy your marriage for sure:

- Flirt with others
- Lie about your life
- Stop wearing your wedding ring
- Keep secrets from your spouse
- Talk intimate details of your life with members of the opposite sex
- Make other people a priority, instead of your spouse
- Never admit to being wrong or apologize for anything
- Be a phony and a fake
- Try to control your spouses life while you keep your own little world with secrets
- Never give affection
- Kill all possibilty of giving a minimum amount of undivided time and attention to your spouse
- Never trust or listen to your spouse
- Make sure the advice you receive from your spouse is the last one and discard it
- Don't give your spouse what you give everyone else around you.
- Divulge details about your life to people around you
- Only care about yourself
- Put pride before everything else
- Keep pretending and lying the rest of your life
- And finally cheat, because what else is left after living a life of lies?

How to ensure you obtain a divorce after destroying your marriage for sure:
- Repeat the same steps.


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