Monday, September 26, 2011

The Other F. U.

Such a difficult thing to do.
How did those who were able to achieve it do it?
How do we forgive ourselves first?
And if we think that we have, how do we know when we have?

Forgiving others, an even more difficult thing to do.
What about those who never forgive us but instead forget us?
Is it easier to forget than forgive?
How do we know when we have forgiven and not simply forgotten?

Then I look at children...

They don't hold a grudge, they don't worry, they trust and they love.
Why do we forget to be children?
Do children even know what forgiveness and forgetfulness are?
They trust and they love.

Then I look at us, adults...

We make claims of being driven by love, by hate, by feelings, by passion, by our children, by god, religion, trust, money, people....

And the list goes on and on, and when you tire of the list, you can always start a new one of opposite meaning or direction to the previous one.

But if we lived like children, what would happen?
Would we have to submit to someone who does not?
But, don't we do that already? Always submitting to someone or something.
So it seems that we all are children at some point.
We are still innocent, submitted to someone or something and still dreaming of a better life, if not pursuing one...

However, the issue remains...

Can we really forgive or forget?

I think we can.
Is not impossible but it is very difficult.
Let's keep on trying.


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ive read all the past posts. whoa Q. youve been through it. I will be back for mo' better commentary.

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