Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Friend Ship

The ship that always sets sail. How do we keep in touch with those whose company makes us feel good?

I have come to the conclusion that for my age group is the good 'ol phone.

Below is a breakdown of ages and methods that could be interpreted as a generalization.

Ages_________ Method

- 1 to 30 =

  1. Internet Communications ie; email, chat, etc.
  2. Cell Phone, txtMsg

- 31 to 45 =

1. Cell, Home and txtMsg are catching up.

2. Internet...

- 45 to UP =

1. Snail Mail

2. Home Phone

3. Funeral

So after that impressive (rolleyes) analysis I am still left behind thinking, if one has friends on all those age groups, how do we all keep in touch in a consistent manner? Or am I worrying too much about these simple things? Perhaps, one day I will invent a "thing" that anyone, I mean anyone can use, and not feel intimidated, stupid or lazy about using to communicate.

In the meantime, my thoughts go out into the universe and meet with the thoughts of those loved ones.