Monday, November 17, 2008

Save The Drama For Your Mama

Sparks of sanity or insanity, does it matter anymore?

The days drag on and on, only if made to drag on.

Economic blues, recessional depression, less than perfect times, nostalgia over frivolous and egotistical pursuits.

The haves and the have-nots, the presumptive reach across feelings and emotions that simply are not.

Spiraling down as a vulture; a vulture that only has one eye and fails to see that the kill is not a kill but rather an empty plastic bag from the nearby big mart.

Perhaps the vulture is old, not of age but of tiredness and boredom.

People cry for all the things that they have lost, but they have lost nothing.

I cry for all the things that I have lost, but I have lost nothing, so I keep writing, thinking, spiraling downwards, but I am not a vulture, that, I am certain of.

I yawn, okay, it felt good. My soul aches a little bit, only a little. I just realized why.

It is Monday today after all. I have been having such a great life, that I forgot what adversity was, so I had to fabricate a small portion of it in order to continue my flight into eternity, or so I imagine.

Thank you world, for being screwed up sometimes; Thank you people, for screwing yourselves sometimes. No hard feelings world, only gratitude from me.

I am responsible for my choices, I don't care if anyone else takes that ideal or not.

My back hurts a bit, my head is empty now.

I am alive.