Friday, February 17, 2012

A Pei Wei Lunch

To Pei Wei:
Let the grills and woks warm up.
The parking lot be picked up.
The ice refilled and
the brews chilled.

When it's Friday,
very little brings joy,l
ike all those yummy foods we enjoy.


Monday, February 06, 2012


I am part of a problem for which I am also part of the solution. Therefore, I am not the entire problem and I am not the entire solution.If the solution calls it a problem, then the problem is the solution.

The origin of a problem is the end of a solution. Solutions start new problems and problems end old solutions.

It does not begin, it does not end. It transforms and therefore everything is. Everything is, it was, and, it will be. Everything is always everywhere.

It has lived, and, it does not live, because it will live. Did you catch it? There it was, now is gone, is going somewhere. How will it live when does not live now? Well, NOW is not anymore, it only WAS, and, it WILL only be. NOW is not, it WAS yesterday, because it WILL be tomorrow.