Friday, June 01, 2012

HI !

What makes people choose the opposite of honor?
What could possibly justify dishonor as a positive trait?
It seems as if the world has shifted to change the meaning of the word.
Blaming others for your actions is not honorable.
Purposely deceiving others may gain some apparent honor, but at what cost?

Do people even know what it means?
I observe more and more and it seems that there is no understanding of its meaning.

Why do I try? Is all I do, try, to keep these two words in mind?

1st - There is no honor in lies; therefore I will try to be truthful.
2nd - There is no integrity in believing that we are exempt from making mistakes, therefore I will try to not repeat those.

But, what about everyone else around us?
Should their lack of honor and integrity affect us?
My answer is:

Try Courage.

If you don't have courage, you will know neither honor nor integrity.
It is courage that will bring you closer to honor and integrity.

What are we if we don't have the courage to believe in ourselves as we are?

Then we can never see the courage in others, because we don't know it ourselves, it becomes foreign to us and we CHOOSE to live without honor and integrity for those reasons.