Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thanks and the show must go on

I touch a machine of some sort every day. Today I had the opportunity to get to this particular one, to quickly write THANKS to all this wonderful community of sloggers -borrowing Bogs word- for visiting and sharing their thoughts on this rest area along the Interblogstate, (not in Germany). Although I cannot share the details of the last couple of weeks, I can tell you that it felt like years, long and tedious ones and the only outlet for written thoughts was “unavailable”.

But there is good news, I hope. New assignments, new faces and different environments.
And last night, I had 8 hours of sleep! Once again, for now; I get to care about what date and what day of the week it is.

Trials and tribulations are not over yet though.
Isolation is imminent for the next weeks if not months. I will try to post whenever the machine allows. Taking a 6 month challenge was part of the plan, and if successful, I shall return to human life.

I hope that exhaustion has not erased my memory, and in no particular order, thanks to:

Blue Bolt
Aunty Belle
Gone Native
Velvet Acid Tongue

As time and machine allows, I will eavesdrop to your blogs from time to time and comment. Know that I do read them.

Ab imo pectore
Audio, video, disco

Mister Q.