Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Roach is Upside Down, but its legs are still moving

Life truly is a learning stage.
And the learning does not end when the heart stops (Ben would agree).
It is also true that from the most adverse situations, one can grow as a person, but it also applies to experiences that we take for granted, like saying “Hi”, there is a lot to be learned on a “Hi”, I of course leave you on a riddle with that.

The desire of transferring our learning’s earnings is one the most difficult challenges that I have come to face.
Telling, demonstrating, following up and re-starting all over again can get you as far as the recipient’s imagination, then there is the issue of interest. This knowledge that is so precious to you; is it as precious to the recipient? No. Never is.

If it is exciting, not only you learn, but you are also enlightened by whatever “it” is.
If is not exciting, you have also learned that your time on this stage would have better spent on something else, you become wiser as a result.

But once you become wiser and it serves you, aren’t we wasting a lot of that wisdom on dead end roads. Ever been there, in one of those? You barely missed the big amber sign and on the way back, not only you have learned something, but you also wasted as much by not transferring the event to the books of life.

This “community” as someone called it, (and rightly so) is one that diffuses its learning’s earnings and I just want to say that I appreciate everything that is shared in it.

From the abstract and spiritual artwork of Ben, to the barking, biting, loyal and sometimes playful K9’s charges. And in between there is the fountain of youth that is called Infinitesimal, with the complexity of Mad Malva, the observations of Bogs, laid out and served with salt and pepper on the side, and Aunty with the big house where everyone is welcomed, but you better not walk in when she is out of the property, and all the other beings that I come across every time that I am going up and down the blogland.

I am not trying to be nice, I am expressing what’s on my mind as usual, that is what I do here, that is what we all do is it not? Go ahead and miss the big amber sign, but tell us all about it.