Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cindy Anthony Is Guilty As Hell

As far as I know, and I do not know much; Cindy Anthony is guilty as hell.
Grandma is dirtier and colder than Casey herself. Where else would Casey have gotten such prominent and despicable traits?

The rotten apple grows a new tree from its seeds.

I really can care less if the evidence changes and both mother and daughter
are found innocent, (highly unlikely), my opinion as un-humble as it is, remains.

The face of Cindy Anthony is the face of conspiracy and coverup, it may even be the master mind.

I will sound very pessimistic but I think the truth will not surface in this case. The loads of fingerpointing between this abominable couple (Cindy and Casey) and law enforcement, the media coverage, the third party search teams and all of the who knows what other confused people like me that will only state their idiotic opinions; will make this case a perfect mistery.

- A child is no longer here (according to LE).
- The abominable mother daughter team want their denial an secrecy to be imposed as a new law.

- The child is nowhere to be found. ( The real issue)

This is my opinion, as flawed, correct, uninformed, presumptive, cynical, dangerous,
still my opinion.

May I have another?