Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Randomness of the Soul

Is time to knock off the sadness.
Life can not continue with doom and gloom,
shake it off I must.

Mistakes of the past, that is all they are, past mistakes,
those are not standing forward, waiting for me.
I can not impose my will on others, but others can not impose it on me.
No! If I respect, I will receive respect, nice try, try again!

I am simply not doing enough for anyone but myself.
When I grow up, will I know that I did?
And if I did, will I be happy to know?
After all, I am happy, I am sad and it rotates and it mixes up and it goes away and it comes back.
I am never happy AND sad, is one or the other. Normalcy is such a pain in the ass when you don't appreciate it.
It has to be expressed, in this case written, then read and thought about, then realize how good it is.

GM got bailed out, Cerberus got bailed out, GMAC got bailed out!!!
Is that what is pissing me off? Yes among other items.

Which Item is pissing me off the most?
- My behaviour

How do I stop being pissed off?
- Changing my behaviour

Will the change behaviour bring temporary relief?
- Sure it will?

How do I know?
- It has before, it will after

If I could only care more for others more than I do for myself...
What would that be like? Do I already? How is it measured?
Is it how much you give, say or do? Who does it matter to?
I don't know, but it sounds nice.
Is that the problem?
It comes and goes

I will try, no promises being made.
More is needed of me, hell!, SOME is needed of me.
Do I believe what I hear? I don't want to, but I do.
Wanting is everything.

I want to...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Cindy Anthony Should be convicted

The entire Anthony family should be charged with the murder/death and conspiracy to cover up the child's death. The human side of me says that it could have been an accident that Cindy and Casey tried to cover. But the "human" in me says that if there was an accident, why would you want the media circus, the foundation, the lies and drama?

Cindy is a sociopath.
-Did she ever show any stress?
-Did she ever show any sadness?
-Did she ever stop being on TV?
-"This is a tough lady" you may think, but a sociopath is just that; unable to grasp emotions.

I don't even bother with Casey Anthony, she is simply lost.

Now, I hear theories about possible drug cartels being involved on the child's disappearance and death. This is very possible, nevertheless, if this family was under such threat, that means that they preferred to save their own drug-dealing asses than to preserve the life of the child.

There is a remote possibility that the whole story is drug related, but I remain skeptical.

Could there be an inside man in law enforcement that is involved in this mess and will later come forward once Casey comes out of denial? or would be more lies?

Lock them all up.