Friday, December 10, 2010

A decade ends soon

It is the day of pondering. Or, it could be the day of something else.

Thoughts fly through, as if I have my eyes closed and there is a mental slide show attached to my inner eyelids.

The images are the recorded images of my recent experiences and some past ones. Also images and creations of artists come through the slide show. I listen to Bread's "Make it with you" and suddenly, or rather gradually find bliss instead of insomnia.

Pain is around me, not in me. The weather is a bit dry because of the season, I miss the rain, maybe to wash away some of this pain around me, maybe for cleansing my soul. That rain could hit our dry skins and produce that sweet smell of clay, the clay that we are made of.

Alan Parson's "Eye in the Sky" plays now. I go from bliss to creepiness.

I like this, I like my mood to change like the weather; after all, we are one with this world, why pretend to be better than all that that surrounds us?

I give into the world that I live on.

I am free.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

From Hell... I am

- Did I stop living?
- Did I stop being?
- Did I stop thinking?
- Did I stop reading?
- Did I stop feeling?
- Did I stop looking?
- Did I stop talking?
- Did I stop doing?
- Did I stop expressing?
- Did I stop creating?
- Did I stop inventing?
- Did I stop drinking?
- Did I stop smoking?
- Did I stop eating?
- Did I stop loving?


I stopped writing. Yes.

Am I back to writing?*


* as poorly as usual

Secondary Christmas Tree Nonsense - Oy vey

A few days ago, something put a smile on my face. It was a bumper sticker that read:
"I love manatees, they taste just like chicken", immediately,

I made my own spin-off from this funny:

"I love manatees, they taste just like dolphin"

I was not implying such delicacies as Mahi-Mahi.

But then, it hit me.

What the hell is all this secondary Christmas trees nonsense?

Now I can't help poking fun at nonsense.

How about four Christmas trees in a household?

"Oh, wait, I need to get ornaments for my Toilet Tree"

"I already installed my Garage Tree, but I'm unsure about paper or plastic"

"The Master Bedroom Tree is up now, let's climb it, yea-hi!"

"Who are you? And how many trees are in your possession?"

I wish I was exaggerating, but this is as real as the state of the economy.

I love Christmas, and all the Christmas Trees, one per household please.

Later, I have to go get my golf cart driving shoes while I finish my Starbucks Dingleberries Coffee.