Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Time to reflect.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Rat's Rant

How can we not be loosing when the terrorist keep dictating which way we should live?

Ahh!. Before you board that plane, don't forget to puke, piss and break a sweat, as you may not want to be detained by TSA or the SMs.

Call me a radical or unpatriotic, if you must, but here it goes.
If they were able to subdue Spain by bombing, aren't they subduing us in many ways by creating a little chaos here, a little chaos there?
How far are these airport situations will continue to go?
Are we really any safer?
Should I change careers and start selling civilian MREs at an airport stand?

We are so great at talking sports, such as football strategy and basketball speed. But we fail to see what these opponents's team will play next. We may as well play baseball with them and see what happens. That is all we are doing here. Playing baseball, think about it.

Every ninth inning we will keep losing this game if we don’t switch to one that we can win.
The borders still wide open, so are the oceans, the sky, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Tractor Supply and many more.

What is the purpose of the Parrot Act if it fails to deliver results?
I am wearing the tin foil suit right now.

How could we possibly be beaten at the very same games that we invented ourselves.

Deception, arms trafficking, torture, assassinations, freedom fighters, paramilitary death squads and right out bullying intimidation.
Then we continue to crumble away like Rome by trying to make everyone happy. These things I ponder on, while my noise canceling headphones are not canceling that much.
How does Israel deal with terrorism? Aggressively. Do they continue to be targets? Yes.
Well, I am done. For now. I will feel better 23 hours after being 30,000 ft. in the air.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

I am in the Inside Looking Out.

It is true. When you are busy as hell, there is very little time to complaint.
But there is also very little time to pull the cord down and release the pressure from the valve.
Months have gone by, with the speed of days. Here is what I think has happened through this travel of mine in space and time:

Ben came back, and with fresh material for everyone's delight.
K9 proved that even if you are a dog, you should not be treated as one, and dogs have hearts and emotions too.
Infi has been busy traveling.
Bogs has been having fun.
Lux turning people on, with her passionate write ups.
Jack honored me with his comments on the Blopix.
Bird flew out of her regular pattern and also came to say hi to her relatives on the Blopix.
Cezi also came by while I was out.
Aunty is probably brewing another potion in the backyard.
Bronxbt said nice things also.
My mind is still uploading data as I write. The time to download is limited and quickly becoming a luxury. I only hope this real Dog Days of Summer are soon to fade, so that I can get to do what is really important. Nothing.