Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Today I Remembered that...

Powerful people know better because they care less.

Things are simpler because they don’t have to explain or do those.

Experience has served a purpose. How else would they know?

Many mistakes have been made; therefore the rules.

Powerful people are, in part, because of others help. They recognize that.

Generosity is found in power, in microscopic amounts or in misunderstood ways, but it is always there.

Power is so many things to so many people that it is hard to define sometimes, kinda like happiness. But, can we become happy without power? Or can we become powerful without happiness? I believe that one supplies the other.

I met someone successful today and learned that his approach to life relied on power, the kind of power that is unspoken and that emanates from positive energy.

He was there to serve us all, because it was his job, because he loves his job and because by doing what he loves doing the most, he is successful.

Happiness is the power of loving. Period.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Human Nature and Materialism

A few items that I live with but can also live without

Happy Children running around a yard
The smell of hot dirt being sprinkled by a summer rain while having a cold beer
The aroma of a fine aged cigar
The taste of a single malt while sitting outside in 55° weather
Cruising down the road at 135 mph
A medium well Rib-Eye with veggies
The real accomplishment of a day’s work (not the sense of)
People thanking you for lending an uninterested hand
Watching a musical or a theater performance
Talented People
Motivating others
Saving Lives
Learning to speak in silence and listening
Expression of self without fear
Knowing what you want in life
Welcoming Friends
Saying goodbye to "buddies"
Telling someone "FOFF"
Sleeping 12 hours
Playing poker, dominoes or mahjong
Walking in the mountains, canoeing, outdoor living
Self Reflection
Not knowing what other things out there may bring pleasure
Happiness is whatever makes you happy

Thursday, February 23, 2006

One Day

Eyes are watery and irritated.
Days have been long this week.
Nights have been short and restless.
People around me have made an effort to be as irritating as one can be before being hit by a moving train. (Is my state of mind, not theirs)

I stop for a moment and yell as hard as I can.
“Shut the Hell Up!!!”
There was no reactions, no frills, nothing.
The valve was released and the steam came out rushing.
Turned off the heat, the boiling stopped.

Light up the grill.
Put some peppers and onions on the foil,sprinkle oregano, black pepper and salt on top of the cubed potatoes,
Double wrap the foil and place on the grill…

After 4 minutes, I like the smell. Hit play and Dave Brubeck delights,
Crap! Is too busy. I need some Chet Baker instead. Good.
Pour some Oban in the glass, its pleasant out here in the porch, birds are playing on the lake. The smell builds up. I sit and sip on it slowly. Love For Sale is on…

Put the foil on the glass table surface and taste it.
Damn it!!! Its too salty!!!, I eat it anyway, (can’t waste food) I finish my Oban.
This time, no salt. Butter will do just fine. This time is good. Just the way it should be.

I take a deep breath and laugh.

No longer tired, hungry or irritated…

I fall asleep.

I feel better now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

For Four Fours

4 things that I need every morning:
1. Fresh warm Challah bread
2. Vermont Cultured Butter
3. Polamer Jelly
4. Warm milk with instant coffee in it.

4 Things that turn me off:
1. Lack of sincerity
2. Lack of originality
3. Lack of Hygiene
4. Lack of mellowing

4 things I believe in:
1. A Supreme Being
2. Not Matching its power
3. Diplomacy before forcefulness
4. Selfishness

4 Things I am afraid of:
1. Inactivity
2. A Slow Death
3. Man's relentless pursuits for nothing
4. Hate

4 Things I do every day:
1. Meditate
2. Say "I Love You"
3. Touch an electronic device
4. Analyze people

4 things I want to have/do:
I want to have a Carrera GT
I want to have 100 million bucks
I have 7 more kids
I want to adopt 93 more

4 people I want to see:
1. The extensions of my life
2. Ed,Johnathan,Gerardo and Tio Antonio
3. Dad
4. God

4 numbers that rule my life (all even)

4 favorite colors

4 People to do the list
The guy who writes too much
Blue Thunderous Bolt

4 words of advice for doing too many fours

Friday, February 17, 2006

House Fried Rice (Re-edited)

Have you ever been to an ethnic restaurant?
What are those Chinese cooks eating back there sitting on those boxes,
It sure doesn’t look like my General Tso’s chicken.

“Geez, I would like to try real Chinese food”

I would ask you,

Can you handle it?
Do you like the other “normal” food they serve?
Are you happy with what you order? Always?
Is the food cheap?

No answer is the same, easy or even needed.

The Chinese restaurant is open all the time because its customers like it that way.
Those few that get sick from yesterday’s rice, will simply be more careful of their selections in the future, but sure as hell they will go back for that delicious Chinese food.

Real Chinese food is not available to all. It is by invitation only.
It is not up to you to know how to get invited. Just be happy with the non-real Chinese food, that way if you ever try the real one and you don’t like it, at least you have the other one.
Understand how difficult it is to find other types of food when you are addicted to a specific one.

So next time you complaint to the manager, understand that even tough he wants you, he does not need you but needs everyone, and until everyone doesn’t complaint management doesn’t change, and if it does, the restaurant will still remain open; somebody else will buy it and will become a chain.

I conclude by writting that if you can't stand Chinese Food (real or not), The Man Ager and their back of the house recipes then tough, because we support their enterprise one way or the other and it is uncertain how long it will take for a change in the vicious cycle. Democracy, Freedom and other delicious dishes in the menu are very expensive but we all like them from time to time and the other not so popular dishes are there becuase is what sells the most when things are "slow".

Never was I thinking about any of this while eating my greasy fried chicken wings dipped in soy sauce and forking out the House Special Fired rice with extra shrimp, nor it came to my mind the day that my passport got stamped at MIA. Is stuff you simply pickup around every block in America. Viva El Gobierno!!!, Andale, Andale, Andale.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today's VD's - (Bogs' heartless now)

Day for roses or flowers or stuffed characters.
Another day like yesterday, but cannot know if it will be like tomorrow, we could speculate that it will be.

We can practice what we do on this day every day. It would be great, I am allowed to dream, aren’t we all?

Let’s not do anything today, instead let’s do it tomorrow or next week, then try again next month, try to make it a habit and maybe, maybe it will be reciprocated.

It is not about the day, it is about ourselves, so wouldn’t it be nice if we take care of ourselves more often? Always celebrate life, while you have it.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dangerous Minds

I owe it to this.
K9's Human Nature's Photo Essay
And I left the droppings on a comment there. Just give me a smoke before you pull the trigger(s)

I went.
I hunted.
I gathered.
I made the drum.
I beat it.
I walk while beating my drum.
Now have someone gather for you. What happens next?
Have someone hunt for you, ditto?
And finally if someone made the drum for you, can you choose to beat it when you want to? Are you allowed to walk on the shoes someone made for you even?

Is all man made shiiat.
The weakest minds are always driven by the strongest, and innocent victims get caught in the middle of it all.

We are humans, each one of us with its own agenda, then we find the common, we go against another group whose agendas conflict with ours. Simple stuff, its called life.
The unexplainable knows what makes us or breaks us, we could also figure it out, if we just stop following others and set our own path. Did you know that all the cavemen back then and tribes now, had and have to worry about was/is to eat, shit and sleep? What makes us different than them? What we think we know? Do we all have to do these things? Yes. How easily we accomplish them is what separates the weak from the strong. So what gives?