Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Warriors and Politicians

Which is better?
The politician controls the warrior until the warrior no longer wants to be controlled.

Who holds the weapons?
True, a mind is a powerful weapon, but it cannot stop a bullet.

Can words end a conflict?
Sure they can. How long does it take?

Violence generates more violence
Do you rather to shoot or to be shot?

Why are we the most “powerful” nation in the world?
Define powerful.

Send a politician to war.
How long will he survive using his words? Language barrier?

Send a warrior to war.
How long will he survive using his weapon? Can you say, longer?

Can talking bring subsistence to a household?
Yes. When someone is listening.
Can a gun bring it?
Yes. When someone wants to live. When you can catch the food too.

Will we ever live without weapons?
Yes. When all politicians cease to exist.

I will play politics until those are rendered useless, but
I will always be a warrior.

Semper Fidelis

Food Glorious Food...

Armadillo, South of the Border style.

- Trap armadillo with a net between 12 AM and 2AM.

- Get 3 gal of water boiling in big pot.

- Take creature's life away with a single swing of the machete to his head. (Females not eaten)

- While water boils, place uncooked food neck down to drain as much fluid as possible.

- Dip raw food in pot of boiling water. Let it rest for 15 min.

- Take it out of pot and start peeling shell from the abdomen area.

- At this point meat will be only cook on the surface.

- On separate pot start to melt butter with mashed fresh garlic cloves, onions and culantro (Not cilantro) Cut the meat into small cubes and sautee with butter, garlic and cilantro until cooked.( Low heat-No browning)Slowly pour sour-orange juice, potato cubes, tomato paste, salt and pepper as you stir. cover and let simmer for about 15 more minutes.

Enjoy with fried plantains, white rice and highball. Whew! is harder for me to write than to cook. I aim to please.

The texture/flavor results to be like a chicken breast stew, similar to the one Mexicans use on their tacos ( No joke here).

Don't ask me for more recipes where I have to go catch my own food, please.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Car Salesmen - Understanding

Hidden Truth or the Open Lie
You decide.

I’ve played the game before. Openly and fearlessly make a statement that cannot be deciphered as whether it is true or false.
Is this one true or false?
“He stressed that this was a commercial venture and not philanthropy.”
Do you ever feel like Bono, as if you are trying to help others but help yourself first?
I do.
This is only a round trip ticket to ILOVEMYSELF land.
I admire the boldness of the statements.
Perhaps U2 can relate.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tagging Or The Attempt Of

Four jobs I've had in my life:
1) Restaurant Manager
2) Cigar Connoisseur
3) Marine
4) Computer Guy

Four movies I like

1) Memento
2) Usual Suspects
3) LA Confidential
4) Heat

Four places I have lived:
1) Miami, FL
2) Jacksonville, NC
3) Norfolk, VA
4) Kissimmee, FL

Four TV shows I love to watch (currently on air):
1) American Idol
2) Lost
3) Invasion
4) Top Gear

Four places I have been on vacation:
1) Nicaragua
2) Utah
3) Tennessee
4) West Virginia

Four websites I visit daily:
1) Google
2) Rise and Shine
3) Wunderground
4) News

Four places I would rather be right now:
1) Sosa Cigar Company with my pack
2) Corona Cigar Company with my pack
3) Home, Granada, Nicaragua
4) Treasure Island, FL

Four bloggers that I've learned taggin' from
1) Ben
2) 1 and 2 cerebralgraffitti
3) infinitesimal
4) You may be next

Intellectuality, Academia and Scholars

All the layers that one chooses to wear, to protect our fragile egos and true nature.
There are other layers that we think are part of us, reality is that we think they are part of us.
We sometimes come out in true form under the influence of chemicals, sometimes under the influence of others but it is always short lived and discarded because it was under the influence.
Let me now add a not-so-new kind of influence.

The Internet

The one that allows us to hide under a thicker layer, in addition to all of the ones we already wear.
I will start with an observation of self, of course bias is inevitable, but nevertheless I will try.

I am uneducated.
I am selfish (self loving)
I think I am pretty smart
I use the I a lot (I try not to)
I spend a lot of time on the Internet
I do not how to speak English too well, therefore can not "write" (it is my second language)
I will let you add on your perceptions to this post with your comments.

Now I will go on my observations of what I see on an almost daily basis on Internet country.

False personalities.
Failed attempts to fit in.
Fears of revealing our true nature.
Shifting ideals and false beliefs being dictated by peer pressures that actually do not exist.
Clicks, Alliances and Guerrillas that mob onto individuals that dare to present them wearing very few layers or none at all.

Allow me stop for now and say this:

There is something to be learned and studied about human behavior here. I have learned so many things since starting to blog; they are all good things because they are a new form of human expression, the most anonymous and manipulative of them all.

As for layers, I am not wearing one when I come here. Intellectuality, Academia and Scholars
will certainly know that, when they see all the mistakes I make when trying to convey my thoughts to the written word. I choose not to wear layers here, and here only, because in the reality of the Internet nation it is ok to be out in the rain and get wet. I have been caught in many storms out here in the physical world, the layers always fall as I run looking for shelter and even though getting wet is sometimes extremely unpleasant, I can deal with it.

I just wrote what went through my mind while I was reading blogs.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Will all the energy of my life and everyone else's life get dumped into the universe?
Is there a way to recycle it? Does someone hold this info? Share if you dare.

The mind, the untouchable and free mind, will mine be on a bird on will it crawl in the ground?
Should I prepare for more or for less? Should I not prepare at all? When he comes and does his thing, where would we be? How many times do we come back? Are we allowed?

I am not trying to be Malkovich, but I am interested on these mysteries which have been revealed. If I had to push the Walmart cart with the bags and dreadlocks hanging as the price to pay for knowing, truly knowing, I would not think twice. Does anyone belong to the club?
I have life in me as I write this, so I will dare to ask and prepare to receive the answer and still manage to be happy with not knowing.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Loved Ones

Sadness, wishful thinking and more sadness creeps into my mind and my heart slows down its beat because I am once again thinking about loved ones.
There are "cared for ones" that inhabit my mind from time to time but the heart is unaffected; but the loved ones, the ones that are part of our chemical makeup and whose connection to us is not only physical but sometimes unexplained by science; those are the ones that can make us question our own life's purpose.

My love is travelling trhough time and space now, trying to reach the destination of those loved ones thousands of miles away. Sometimes is not the distance, sometimes is the state of mind.
Love was yesterday, it is today and it will be there tomorrow, reach out and grab it, enjoy it and then pass it on. I will try for as long as there is life in me.

I love you EQ, HQ and DQ.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Are we cats?

Reason I ask is because only cats are said to have nine lives.
But we are not cats; we only have one chance to live. Think about that for a minute, or a day if necessary.
Whatever we do on this life will be the only chance we have of doing it.
Does it matter if is “perceived” as good or bad?
Allow me to elaborate, this is not representative of my life or anyone else but it may land somewhere in between.

  • I was born in poverty, so I’ll work hard and change the way of life of my child/younghood years; after all, I am a bad person because I will take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way. Great.

  • I was born in wealth, so I want to experience a bit of hardship and see how it “feels” to be poor, besides, I am a good person for wanting to do this.
Then, life happens, and on your deathbed or jail cell you await the moment of absolute and indisputable truth. We are all going to die. Some sooner than others.

Now let me talk about life.

A few years back, I thought. Is it possible live my life the way I want and to always love myself first and then others? Yes, I answered to myself, I am selfish. So then I decided to be that, SELFLOVING. How can we love others before us? We must love ourselves first in order to know what love is. There is a little problem though, I love myself too much. Is not my problem; It is the problem of those that do not know how to love themselves and are worried about other people's lives and not their own. I’ll do my part now to teach my descendants about loving themselves first and then others and it is ok to lie and say the opposite with means to an end.

Back to the grind now.

So; do we need to live the life of sacrifice and finite pursue of what we do not possess?
Rich to Poor
Fat to Thin
Old to Young
Ignorant to Genius
Good to Bad
Reverse the cycle
Then what? Life just went by and we were too worried about the perceptions of our world and not for a moment we stopped to think and erased the list and stop the cycle.

I’ll close by saying that some of us have figured it out. I figured it out at 25.
The real estate guru figured out at 47.
The self-made millionaire still has not figured out.
When will you? Will it be the day of truth? It may be too late then.


"I agree to disagree". Who came up with that? Disagreeing is fine,
it is everyone's right and duty sometimes, especially here in America.
It is amusing how we get impregnated with many bad and good habits because the enviroment that surrounds us. I think that it is essential to set your own standards, beliefs and ideas without giving into peer pressure or offsetting the status quo.

Understand also that as humans, we are social creatures and there is a balance between our interests and the interests of others, is that what "I agree to disagree" means? I don't think so.
To me, it means that you have given up and just found a cliche that solves all issues. Imagine for a moment, that governments were ran that way. Now tell me how that fits into the context of individualism or collaboration, it's neither.

I will conclude this thought with an off-topic observation.

I need to take writing courses.